Initial evaluation



In the beginning of the project (October – November 2018) an initial survey among participating students was performed. The survey was created in Google Forms and the link was published on Twinspace. It was aimed to find out the degree of students’ knowledge about countries participating in the project as well as their expectations and worries regarding the project and mobilities. We received 105 answers from all four countries together.

Examples of answers:

Travelling to countries that participate in the program. Having better knowledge of the life in the country. Making fun projects and getting to know people from other nations.

I think I will train English, meet people from other countries and explore their culture, their countries and be more self- confident.

I want to meet new people and practice my language skills. I also would love to visit new places in Europe and I want to learn something new from the people from other country.

Make new friends, experience new things, have fun

I expect to learn something about: the language, the culture and the country.

Explore the culture in these countries, make new friends, have a great and educational adventure, learn a few simple sentences in a different language, try out different learning techniques to see what works for me,

New experiences, friends and information about other countries

To get better in English, to see a new country, meet new people.

I would like to meet new friends from other countries. I would like to learn about culture and customs of project countries. I would like to know how education system works in my friend’s school.

I hope to learn a lot about these countries and meet many new people.

I expect that my English will be better, I will meet some new interesting people and I will see some new countries.

I expect that I will get to know something about other countries. I hope I meet new people. I expect to learn more about multiculturalism or migration.

First of all, I want to have fun. I love meeting new people especially if they are foreigners. -Secondly, I want to learn and gather experience for my future life. At last, I want to make changes even if they are small ones.

I hope that I would have an awesome chance to meet someone from other country. I also want to improve my English skills – I think the project would help me. And the third thing is that the project is just an amazing experience for me:)

I would like to meet new friends from other countries, better know other cultures and have a lot of fun.

I hope that I’ll meet new people; I hope that I’ll learn something new; I hope that I’ll spend time in nice company

improving language skill, meet a new friends, explore regional tradition and cuisine

New infomation or experience, new friends, some fun time

I would like to meet some new people I would like to learn more English I would like to learn about other countries and their traditions

meeting people, discovering other countries’ culture, having joy

I expect to get new experience. I wish I can make friends with children who lives in another country. I want to explore new places I learn about them. I think this projected can make my dreams come true.

I want to learn something new about different countries, communicate with other people and improve my English. I also treat this project as occasion to learn new skills e.g. making a logo.

Acquaintance with multiculturalism in Europe, raising awareness of environmental problems as well as the exchange of experience and getting to know new people from other countries.

*I expect that I’ll have enough time to actually talk and have fun with people from the other country, not only study with them all the time. *I expect that I’ll learn a lot about the culture and human behaviour in the other country. *I expect that I will have a lot of oportunities to teach people a lot about Poland and the Polish. *I also expect that I will meet many amazing people and make some friends. I also hope that some of those friendships will last, despite the long distance between our homes!

Improvement of English. Getting to know the culture of a given country. Meet new people.

I want to learn about other cultures and another languages. I’m curious of the world. I want to use English in normal and natural situations. I think I would be smarter thanks to new experiences.

I expect to meet some new people, learn more about those countries and make progress in my English.

I want to see new places, I want to learn something new, I want to have fun

To sum up: most students expect to travel, have fun, see new places, meet new people, communicate more in English, learn about new cultures and learn some words in other languages. Some of them also expect hard work and stress.

Examples of answers:

Ahoj, Zdravo, Ciao

czesc / ahoj / pozdravljeni

I don’t know

ahoj, zdravo, czesc





Dobro jutro(dal), buongiorno(onore), dobry den(cest) .

I think that is ahoj in Czech, zdravo in Slovenian and ciao in Italian.

Ahoj(Czech), Zdravo(Slovenian), Ciao(Italian)

Ciao, Česc and I don’t know how to say it Slovenian yet

No I don’t know how to say hello in these languages.

Italian – buongiorno or ciao, Czech – dobré ráno or čest, Slovenian – čast or dobro jutro

To sum up: most students knew at least some greetings, especially Italian ciao. They had problems with spelling.

Example answers:

Varsavia, Praga, Liviana and Roma


Warsaw, Prague, Lubiana, Rome




To sum up: most students knew all 4 capitals, they only had problems with correct spelling.

Example anwers:

We’re all in the EU

There are in Europe

The Euro


Beatiful nature,all are in EU

They are in Europe and they are part of the EU; Poland, Italy and Slovenia all have access to the Sea

Three countries – Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia joined the Eropean Union the same day.

Project countries are in Europe. They are in UE. English isn’t their native language.

Poland, Slovenia and Czech Republic are the Slavic countries and they have got Slavic languages

Nice cities, beautiful nature and mountains.

They’re all members of the European Union

These three countries are members of NATO, they are upland and mountain countries, they belong to the European Union, they are located in Europe. Each of these countries has the system of a parliamentary republic.

Good cuisine and business relationship and more

All of them are in Europe. All of them are mostly Christian. Slovenian, Czech and Polish language all belong to the Slavic group.

Red colour in flag

Slavic languages

Colors in flags and language

We expected answers like: Poland, Slovenia, Czech Rep. have a similar (Slavic) language. Or: Poland, Slovenia and Italy have a sea. Students proved to be more creative in their answers but they were not always right. Some of them had no idea what to write.

Example answers:

Climate change worries me a little

I don’t know.

I haven’t been for a week on a trip alone outside the country

To be far from my family and the language

Not being able to express myself correctly.

Cohabitation with the foreign pupil.

Probably getting a student that doesn´t behave well.

I will get lost

I’m a little worried about communication with other people.

I am worried that I won’t go to any of these countries, schools. Just that I won’t have enough points to go for an exchange.

Nothing, I’m very happy of it and I believe that everything will be fine

I’m a little bit worried about my grammar mistakes and vocabulary.

Losing one week of school

I don’t think anything worries me about the project

Living with a family that doesn’t really speak English

I have no worries.

I have no worries 🙂 It’s a great project and I’m happy to participate in it.

I am worried that this project can consume a lot of time, but with good time management it will not.

That I won’t have enough time to combine school and free time.

I worry that when I will go to other country people will not speak English and I will not communicate with them.

I have no worries about this project.

The people won’t be friendly, others could be rude as well

I’m scared that I won’t have a good contact with my host family

I don’t know will my dog like my guest😃

Too much work in completing project tasks.

Well, I’m really excited in participating in such a huge project, but I’m scared that some exercises can be a bit difficult and with so many tests at school I can have problems with timing.


If I have be honest, nothing

The thing that makes me worry the most is, hilariously, what the food is going to be like. Hopefully, it’s not as meaningful as everything else in the project.

I am only worried about a small amount of places for project participants.

I’m worried about how I will get along with people in another country.

I think nothing

I am worried that I will not go to other countries

That I won’t be able to communicate with students from other countries

I’m nervous that in another country I will not understand the language

I’m afraid that I will not be able to fit.

I don’t worry about anything. I think it’s a good experience to train my English and my confidence.

That I won’t have fun with my roommate and that I will want to go home… I also don’t want to be annoyed by my roommate

that i won’t like the food and i’ll be hungry.

That the people in other countries can’t speak english.

I speak English bad

That they will be rude

That someone that will come to my house will be shy

To sum up: most students expressed worries regarding their communication in English and also staying with a host family – again, mainly fear of not being able to communicate (understand or be understood), getting along with the family / partner student, eating foreign food etc. Some also worry about flying by plane, getting lost or about climate change. Not many students worry about not being able to travel due to a lot of pupils interested in mobilities and some of them are worried about time management while combining work on project tasks with their schoolwork. However, a significant amount of students have written that they have no worries and are only excited about being a part of the project.

The results of this survey will later be compared with results of end-of-project survey and we will be able to find out how student’s knowledge of participating countries improved, how satisfied they were with the project and if their expectations were met.CREATED BYIrena VoglarAppreciate